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Cooperation and Membership

Cooperation and Membership

Our Higher School is a member of and has signed a cooperation agreement with:

  • Warsaw Tourist Chamber

The cooperation will take place through our joint participation in tourism projects, researches on the tourist movements, analyses of the needs of the industry in professional qualifications of the tourist industry staff, conducting courses and trainings on new service techniques and new tourist technologies, realization of student professional traineeships, joint organization of symposiums, seminars and scientific conferences. 

  • Economic Chamber of Polish Hotel Industry

The analysis of needs of the industry on the qualifications of hotel staff in Poland, conducting training courses and forms of professional development in the hotel industry, preparation of programmes and realization of professional traineeships for WSTiJO students, joint participation in training and research projects, joint organization of symposiums, seminars and scientific conferences, making expert opinions on the management and hotel investment area.

Our Higher School has signed a cooperation agreement with:

  • Gromada Tourist Cooperative Society

Joint activity in making expert opinions on the tourist management, marketing and investment, conducting courses, trainings and other forms of professional development, realization of professional traineeships of the students.

  • Accueil Language Center – Switzerland, under which the Europe-wide industry language certificates of ACCUEIL- Foreign Language Competence for the Hospitality and Tourism Industrie are issued. WSTiJO is the only Higher School in Warsaw which provides the exam-preparation course as a part of the curriculum.

WSTiJO is a co-founder and member of:

  • Polish-Ukrainian Tourism Chamber

The aim of the Chamber is:
To be a competent platform for our Members in the choice of partners in Polish and Ukrainian tourism sector, to help our Members create new tourism products,
to protect and maintain economic interests of the Members of Polish-Ukrainian Tourism Chamber, to create and organize the processes of education and an experience exchange in tourism sector between Poland and Ukraine, to organise an exchange in Polish-Ukrainian tourism area, to conduct researches and analyses on Polish and Ukrainian tourism market, to make analyses of changes in the tourism economic structures in Poland and Ukraine.

WSTiJO cooperation – TOURISM NEWS:

To organize the annual RÓŻA REGIONÓW contest which is supposed to pay attention to the quality of the promotion of our country. Evaluating the folders, the mobile applications promoting cities, regions and local tourism products, we want to support high standard development of the presentation of the tourism values. We wish that the publishing houses as well as the mobile applications be esthetic, well-organised and effective. For this reason, taking advantage of experts’ experience we will estimate the standard of the folders or the mobile applications of Polish cities and regions in this area. The offer of participation in the competition is addressed to official registers, cities and regions and also to local and regional tourism organisations.