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  • Tourism and Recreation
  • Philology

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A choice of college or university is one of the most difficult decisions in our life and it should be conscious and well-considered. It is important that the choice is on par with our passion and interests and then the success in the future is nearly guaranteed.

Our mission is not only transferring knowledge, but also giving young people the chance to develop their own personality successfully.  We are making efforts to be an open, affordable and high-quality-education-oriented college. We wish we could be the “window on the world” for many ambitious young people who do not always have the opportunity to continue education due to i.a. financial situation. We want to provide those students with the best educational conditions, and Career Office supports the efforts in getting a good job after graduation.

To make those intentions possible, we offer our students a wide range of classes on the following fields of study:

  • Tourism and Recreation
  • English Studies
  • Spanish Studies
  • Postgraduate Studues For Interpreters And Translators

Students’ passions and interests are developed at the students’ research and cultural circles whose activity and trips are subsidized with WSTiJO funds. Numerous national and international traineeships that are fully organized by the Higher School staff enable students to get practical skills and then also a better chance on the labour market.

All activities are supported by distinguished lecturers who have a lot of professional experience in the tourism, fashion and language area.

Graduates of our Higher School in the vast majority find their feet in many jobs connected with the tourism, fashion industry, culture and public sector. They are tour operators, managers, translators/interpreters, government agency employees, public relations specialists. Their professional success is our satisfaction as it proves that their interests and talent enriched with the knowledge gained in our Higher School contributed to their success in finding a satisfying and an attractive job.